Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Chain of Learning

Yesterday at my visit to Wanderlust & Co I came across an interesting pinboard to motivate me.

It was very to-the-point and moving, I will put down one part that inspires me:

Dreams ---) Goals ---) Plans ---) Execution ---) Results ---) Metrics ---) Learn

This is so true. Straightforward and true.

I am inspired by the way the team motivate themselves to do well and would like to introduce these same principles to mine.

It is a creative industry after all, so we all have to be ready to implement the two halves of a whole—creativity and strategy—together.

Things you learn everyday!

Breaking Free

Maybe it’s because I have been inactive, I feel like I should log my two cents here.

Today, I spent my day with someone I would call H, who has been crabby. She’s a colleague at work. I also receive some negative news: people leaving us, childish behaviour and my complaining.

But H’s crabbiness disturbs me greatly because a) we are close b) she isn’t pleasant when she is moody and crabby.

So yes, I should stay away. The thing is, I allowed myself to socialise too much today with H.

The truth is, I cannot avoid her. I just need to strengthen my mood and spirit so nothing gets me down. Know what I mean? Just stick to my guns and do what I need to do.

Finish my stories.
Carve out my goals at work.
Tick off my to-dos.
Methodically chip and hack at every piece until the work of art presents itself.
Be only the best my mind can take me.
No limitations, only actionable steps.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ups and Downs

I have not been updating here, I am aware. No one is more sorry than I am.

Sharing my thoughts here every month has helped me put my thoughts in perspective. It has helped me get through the fog of negativity that has been set in my system for the past few months.

I am been happy to share that I’ve cultivated good habits so far: waking up early, exercising, always thinking positive, mindful of what I say.

Needless to say, it is harder than I expect it to be but I know this is the right way.

 I’ve had bad days too these past week, going through days where I automatically switch to default of negativity and complaint. But after awhile, I am able to calm down and eventually come back to the right direction.

It’s human to complain, I suppose but I hope i can try and keep it to a low.

Okay time to go. Good checking in here, however brief and short.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Days are Long, but the Years are Short

I’d like to dedicate this post to a woman I do not know. A woman who passed from this world this morning.

She is the mum of one of my friends, a woman who left too soon.

No, I did not know her. I never did. But she reminded me that life can be short. A sudden disease, manifested and undetected, swept away her life in moments that her loved ones find it hard to let go.

One of my backburner concerns have always been, my parents. I am considering wondering if I do right by them. Every moment counts I guess...because time is fleeting.

 “The days are long, but the years are short” - Gretchen Rubin

 It is now already almost mid October. The year just went by. Thank God for giving me more time to spend and cherish with my family.

Thank you God for always giving me lessons everyday. I will do my best not to take this for granted again.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Warming Up

Yesterday was my cheat day, so today I have to go back to healthy eating today. :)

It’s hard to inculcate discipline especially for me, who tends to fall into a routine of excusitis—like any other procrastinating human. But it helps that mindfulness is present for me now that I have made a commitment to blog everyday.

It helps me put my thoughts and feelings into perspective.

Yesterday, I received feedback from my boss that I was too ‘hard’ and my ‘presentation’ still requires work. It was good to hear feedback. I know she was concerned that I was going to be influenced by people around me.

She is right, I have hardened. Many times I wondered why was I like this? How did I turn so hard and stern, with harsh words and fierce demeanour? I know I have been influenced slowly but surely, which is why I am now trying my best to be stronger against things like that.

Firm, friendly and fair. The 3 Fs.

And I should observe and learn from G, who is tapped to lead soon.

I am aware I have been hard, impatient and cold. I try to be warm and friendly, take on a warmer demeanour. It’s natural to me than being hard, which was the modus operandi of people around me. It is easier as I go along and it makes me feel more like me.

Mindfulness, Lily. Always remember mindfulness.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Conquering Fear

I’ve started to read The Magic of Thinking Big, a book that to my surprise, was published in 1959.

It was written quite eloquently that I actually believed for a moment that it was current. The issues raised, were quite believable and modern, applicable to me as well. It’s so simple and to identify with it was easy.

One chapter talks about the power of identifying your fear and conquering it. But it is truth. Sometimes fear immobilises you but taking action cures that.

I have always been quite self-absorbed, not realising that I am actually afraid. I’ve done quite well at work but I forgot to apply things into my personal life too. If I could identify my fear, it would be that I am afraid I won’t be realising my dream even if I tried.

But the funny part is, because I am not taking any steps, I don’t go anywhere at all.

I would chalk my recent stagnancy as complacency...caused by my decision to be so. It’s nobody choice but mine. The sooner I am aware, the better.

But taking action helped. Changing my table’s direction, changing my food intake, forcing myself to exercise etc. I have a long way to go but I am positive that I can conquer it.


It was a good, productive long weekend. Spent quality time with family, the partner, myself and even got to learn a skill or two. Weekends need to be more like this!

Letting Go and The Dream

So yesterday, I participated in a workshop that allowed me to open up my mind and also see that there’s a future for me aside of what I am in now.

I think the problem I faced after being in the industry I am in was that I was thinking this is my only option in life. In truth, it isn’t. There’s so much more I can do. So much more.

But it was nice to know there’s an option waiting for me… :) One of the nice section of the class was thinking about The Dream. What I want life to be if time and money wasn’t an issue. It was surprising to dig up my true desires. Getting that perspective was necessary for me.

 It was wonderful, knowing that life has so many other possiblilities for me aside from just what I am doing now.

I can’t wait to find out.